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Data Center Auditing

The OBTAIN Audit Feature is a collection of processes and tools engineered to ensure your DCIM database is up to date and reliable. With this tool, OBTAIN is set maximize the efficiency of how key functions such as resource management, capacity planning, power and cooling management, and change management are conducted.

There are three areas of challenge for a DCIM implementation: building The Knowledge Base, maintaining the Knowledge Base as change occurs and auditing the Knowledge Base.

This is the process of comparing your Knowledge Base to the reality of your environment and rectifying any discrepancies. This allows you to quickly and efficiently ÔÇ£catch upÔÇØ on the documentation that has slipped through the cracks. The OBTAIN Audit Feature has been added to the OBTAIN DCIM tool box. This presentation will overview its functionality and how you can enable your organization to take advantage of it.

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